New music

Minna became inspired by Russian churchbell music and has invited some excellent artists to join her on a new project.

This new music and improvisation, plus video art can be experienced live at concert in November 15th, 2015 in Voimateatteri, Kouvola.

Musicians: Markus Ketola, Minna Raskinen, Tapani Rinne.
Video art: Pasi Granqvist.

RINKI- project available for performances – ask more!!
Watch Rinki promo video on Vimeo.


"Rococolady, a Cat and a Dog"
a mini play written by Petri Pietiläinen.
The lady: Terhi Pietiläinen
A cat, bowed harp: Minna Raskinen
A dog: Petri Pietiläinen.
Duration: 15min


Duo Minna & Vincent

Minna & Vincent perform songs and instrumental music from Ireland, Scotland, the Hebrides, Brittany and Finland. Their premiere was at the Lempo-festival in April 2015. Minna Raskinen: song, drum, harp. Vincent Michaud: harp.


Minna Raskinen is a musician with her background in folk music and studies at the folk music department at the Sibelius-Academy in Helsinki, Finland. Her main instrument is the kantele (5-38 strings). Since 1986 Minna has taught the kantele and folk music in various institutions and courses in Finland and abroad. She has performed in different line-ups and played various solo concerts in almost 40 countries. Minna has also composed music for the different kanteles and has worked with dance, theatre, visual arts, films and poetry as a composer, musician and director. Minna has made two cds (Revelations 1995, Wings 2008).

In 1995-2010 she worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer of folk music at the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory and University of Applied Sciences in Kokkola, Western Finland.
In 2010-2013 she worked as a "regional artist" at the Arts Promotion Centre in the South-Eastern part of Finland coordinating music development projects. Since 2014 Minna has been working as a free lancer musician, teacher and composer. She is also the Artistic leader of the festival of folk music and dance in Kouvola, Lempo (2011-2016).

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